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Interview on Abaddon and Acting

‘Matt Horn Meets’ – Episode 118.

Matt Horn talks to Frances Reagan James (aka Russia Hardy) about her role in ‘Abaddon’ and about her acting career.

"Beyond Sunset and Sunrise" 

a film by Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, co-starring Frances Reagan James,  has been shown in Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Amsterdam & Rotterdam. Before the end of 2014 it will be shown in Copenhagen and Budapest. 

Reagan's Reels

Reel: Frances Reagan James with Anthony Wemyss, Ofer Fox, and Tricia Lynn Scott     

  "INK" by Joseph Lao: Frances Reagan James (Russia Hardy) with Lauren Annette


Recent Projects

"ABADDON" by Michael Sarna and Rolfe Kanefsky; 
Starring Frances Reagan James, Lee Meriweather, Alexandra Bard, Grant Jordan, Kelly Frances, Eileen Dietz, and Kara Wall.
"AVALON" by Gabe Figueroa; starring Frances Reagan James, Sinead McHugh, Ryan Krause, Chris Roark, Linda Wolfe.
"Revenge of the Rising Sun" by Brit Sheflin; starring: Brit Sheflin, 
Cat To, Matthew Osborne, Ninyshka Sanchez, Frances Reagan James, Hannah Lily, Shanna Shih, Mark Wildman, Craig Greager, Moises El Sequoia, and many more:).


"MISFIT TOYS" by Dave DeJohn; Starring Frances Reagan James and Ilram Choi (known for Spider Man Series and Avatar)

"VACATION: The Movie" By James Rich and Terrell Feurgson; starring: Lauren Lakis, Rachel Jesse, and 

Frances Reagan James

"Orla's Song" Directed by Tamas Birinyi: Starring Frances Reagan James and.....:)

art above by Laine Bachman